Power Bi is the Bright Right Future of Data Visualisation

Power Bi is the Bright Right Future of Data Visualisation BCIT WORLD Patna

Power BI is a data visualization tool of Microsoft Office. It helps you to express your analysis through interactive dashboards which include graphs, charts, tables, etc.

Power Bi is the Bright Right Future of Data Visualisation

Eligibility to pursue Power BI Course

To learn Power BI, one must have some basic knowledge of

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Numerical measures
  3. Presenting the information
  4. Information perception, diagrams, and graphs
  5. Separating information from the web and different sources
  6. Assembling a dashboard
  7. Analytical skills
  8. Technical education
  9. Data science and good design skills
  10. Deep learning and object-relational mapper guidance
  11. Python and web framework
  12. Great communication and presentation skills

One must download the Microsoft Power BI Desktop application on his/her desktop/laptop. It is absolutely free, and the latest Microsoft license will provide you with its latest features.

Curriculum and Duration of Power BI Course

The period required to study the Power BI Course thoroughly is around 1-2 Months, apart from the live project and internship.

The curriculum of the Power BI Course, which is taught in BCIT World, the best Power BI training institute in Patna is given below. It is just a general syllabus, and more topics can be included if demanded by the students. In short, we can say that this syllabus is not rigid. In fact, it is flexible and customizable.

Sl. No. Topics Covered Duration
1.         Power BI 1-2 Months
(i) Getting Started with Introduction to Power BI 2-4 Days
(ii) Advance Tips & Shortcuts 2-4 Days
(iii) Connecting to Data Source 3-6 Days
(iv) Basic Charts in Power BI 2-4 Days
(v) Working with Maps 2-4 Days
(vi) Tables and Matrices 3-6 Days
(vii) Other Charts 2-4 Days
(viii) Cards and Filters 3-6 Days
(ix) Slicers in Power BI 2-4 Days
(x) Advanced Charts 2-4 Days
(xi) Objects 2-4 Days
(xii) Power Query 5-10 Days

Live Projects and Internships

After completing this course, you will get a chance to do Live Projects and various Internships in this field. For this, the trainers at BCIT WORLD will guide you. To get this chance to undertake live projects and internships, firstly you have to take admission to the Power BI Course. Thereafter, you should attend all classes sincerely and learn the whole syllabus. You should complete your Homework, Classwork, Assignments, and Main Examination with full dedication and obtain the certificate to add to your Resume. The BCIT WORLD Trainers will then schedule a mock interview with them and if you are selected for this mock interview, you will get a chance to sit for interviews in other big organizations too. If you are selected in the main interview, you will get your desired Live Project or Internship.

Evaluation and Certification

In this course, your performance will be evaluated by seeing the dashboards prepared by you. You have to give assignments and main examinations in order to get your performance evaluated. Both of them will be practical, i.e., you have to complete them on the computer only. If you pass the assignment and main examination with very good marks, you will also get the certificate. These certificates are of 2 types – Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Appreciation or Merit. You become eligible for the Certificate of Merit only when you perform outstandingly. These certificates will showcase your talent to the entire world.

Career Opportunities after Completing Power BI Course

The various positions in which you can get employment after completing the Power BI Course are

  1. Power BI Project Manager
  2. Power BI Developer
  3. SQL Server Power BI Developer
  4. Power BI Administrator
  5. Power BI Semantic Model Developer
  6. Power BI Manager
  7. Power BI Consultant
  8. Data Analyst
  9. Business Intelligence Developer/ Analyst
  10. Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
  11. Marketing Analyst
  12. Reporting Analyst
  13. Data Visualization Analyst
  14. Business Analyst

Benefits of Undertaking the Power BI Course

The advantages of undertaking the Power BI Course are –

1. Powerful Tool: Power BI is a powerful tool. It consists of 3 technologies, namely – Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power View. Power Pivot is a data modeling technology that helps to create data models, establish relationships, and create calculations. Power Query enables you to access data from hundreds of different sources and adjust the data that fulfills your needs. Power View allows you to shape data visually. It also lets you explore new data. It lets you create charts, graphs, maps, and many other types of data visualizations to build interactive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. These 3 technologies make Power BI a one-stop place for all data analysis tasks.

Huge Demand

2. Huge Demand: The skill of using Power BI has a very high demand nowadays. Almost every organization is using Power BI to prepare reports to be shown to senior management. This is because of the power that Power BI possesses along with its seamless interaction with Microsoft’s suite of other professional tools and applications. Thus, if you add Power BI skills to your Resume, then the employer will easily be impressed by your data analysis knowledge and the chances of you being hired will increase.

3. Handling Big Data Easily: Power BI allows one to upload datasets as big as up to 10 GB of data. It can even work with data sets of more than 10 GB if the correct settings are enabled. Hence, unlike Excel, it will help you work on data visualization of big data sets in even a one-slide dashboard easily. This will help the users of these big datasets to analyze the data easily as visual presentation is the easiest way to interpret the data.

4. Working with Power BI is Fun: The interactive tools of Power BI make it a fun working destination. It makes data cleaning faster and fairly intuitive. Once the data is ready for presentation, it is fun to drag and drop the data in different chart types to discover different new kinds of patterns in which the data can be presented. Everyone wants to make their presentation look pretty, so you put in all the hard work to make your dashboard look interactive and beautiful.


5. User-Friendly Interface: The Power BI application has a user–friendly interface so anyone can learn it easily. If you get a good trainer such as those at BCIT World, you will easily learn it within a short span of time. One can’t work on Power BI Mobile Application, but you can view your dashboard in Power BI Mobile Application which means that you can show your hard work to anyone who wants to see it. Power BI also gives a kick start to your career, and you can even start a new career in it.


Power BI is a well-known and in-demand skill nowadays. It is a very short-term course of only 1-2 months. Anyone can learn it provided he has a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel. One who has an interest in data analysis and has a technological educational background can learn this course. In BCIT World, you will get complete knowledge of basic and advanced Power BI including its development functions. You will also get a mark sheet and certificate after completing this course and passing the exam with good marks. There are various job opportunities available for Power BI Professionals with the average salary in India being INR 7.5 Lakhs per annum. Power BI is a powerful and fun tool to work on. It can handle big datasets easily. The main reason for its high demand is its user-friendly nature.


1. What are the perquisites obtained after completing this course?

After completing the Power BI Course, one can get a good job as a data analyst, business analyst, reporting analyst, marketing analyst, etc. which helps you earn a good amount of money per annum.

2. What are the skills acquired after completing the Power BI Course?

The skills acquired after completing the Power BI Course are –

  1. Data Visualization Skills
  2. Data Analysis Skills
  3. Data Presentation Skills
  4. Data Interpretation Skills
  5. Data Cleaning Skills
  6. Establishing relationships between various datasets

3. Which is the best coaching institute for Power BI in Patna?

The best coaching institute for Power BI in Patna is BCIT World. Here, you get a wholesome package of each and everything you need to learn about Power BI. The trainers are cooperative and solve each and every doubt arising in the minds of the students.

4. How long is the Power BI certificate valid for?

The Power BI certification from BCIT World or any other institute has lifetime validity. However, you must keep yourself updated with the latest features to remain a top-notch Power BI Professional.

5. Will the teachers help me with the live project and internship?

The educators at BCIT World are very helpful and they hold your hand even after the completion of the course. Hence, you can ask them for help if you are stuck somewhere while doing the Live Project and Internship. They will definitely help you even if they have a very busy schedule.

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