Tally Course in 2023: Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Salary and More

Tally Course in 2023 Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Salary and More - BCIT WORLD Patna

Are you tired of endless job searches with no luck? Are you a student who wants to make a career out of the Tally course but doesn’t know where to start? If yes, then I have something for you!

The Tally course is among the most sought-after courses in the accounting world. It offers a plethora of job opportunities for students who are looking for a career in accounting. Well, the question is, how do you make a career out of it?

I have designed this blog specifically for students like you who want to learn the Tally course and make a career out of it. Through this blog, I will guide you about every mind-bothering query like Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Salary, and so on. 

So, let’s get started.

Introduction to Tally Course for Beginners

What is the definition of Tally?

Tally is a software that makes accounting and bookkeeping (keeping records of all incoming and outgoing money, such as sales, purchases, payments, and receipts) easier for businesses.

What is the full form of Tally?

Tally stands for “Transaction Accounting and Inventory Management.”  This name reflects the software’s main functions, which include recording financial transactions and managing inventory. 

(Inventory in Tally refers to the goods or products that a business has in stock).

A brief history of Tally software in Question-Answer form

Q: When was Tally first launched?

A: 1986

Q: Who developed Tally software?

A: Peutronics Pvt Ltd

Q: What was the initial purpose of Tally software?

A: To help small businesses manage financial accounts.

Q: In what year did Tally release its first version?

A: 1990

Q: What is Tally.ERP 9?

A: A more advanced version of Tally software.

Q: When was Tally.ERP 9 launched?

A: Tally.ERP 9 was launched in 2009.

Q: What is Tally Prime?

A: Tally Prime is the latest version of Tally software. It offers a more modern user interface and improved performance than Tally.ERP 9.

Q: When was Tally Prime launched?

A: Tally Prime was launched in November 2020.

Tally Course Details

Tally Course Duration 

The duration of a Tally course in India can vary depending on the level of the course and the institution offering it. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For a basic course in Tally, the duration can be as short as a few days to a couple of weeks.
  • For an advanced course, it can take several months to complete.
  • Some institutions offer diploma or certification courses that can take up to a year to complete.

Tally Certification Course Duration 

The Tally Certification Course duration varies depending on the level of certification. But the general period is 2-4 months. 

During these certification courses, you’ll learn various Tally skills such as accounting, inventory management, taxation, and more. You’ll also have to pass exams to get certified.

Tally Course Syllabus 

The syllabus of a Tally course can vary depending on the level and institution offering it.

However, here’s an example of a Tally ERP 9 Certification Course Syllabus provided by BCIT WORLD

  • Accounting in Tally: 3 Days
  • Tally Intro: 2 Days
  • Company Information: 3 Days
  • Ledger Creation: 2 Days
  • Voucher Entry: 2 Weeks
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) Entry: 1 Week
  • Tally Reporting: 3 Days
  • Tally with GST: 4 Days
  • Payroll: 3 Days
  • Tally Prime: 3 Days
  • GST Intro: 4 Days
  • GST Return Filing: 4 Days
  • Income Tax Return (ITR): 3 Days
  • Tally Excel Reporting: 3 Days
  • Live Project Work: 3 Days

Tally Course Fees

  • The Tally course fees can vary depending on the training center and location.
  • On average, the fees for a Tally course in India can range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.
  • Some training centers may offer discounts or installment options for payment.

 It is best to check their fees and other details with the specific institute.

Tally Course Eligibility Criteria 

Anyone who wants to learn Tally can take the course. There are no specific eligibility criteria for it. However, some basic computer skills and knowledge of accounting principles can help you understand the course better.

However, typically a candidate should have completed at least 10+2 or equivalent education to be eligible for a diploma in Tally course. Generally, no minimum percentage is required.

Benefits of Tally Course for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Saves time: Tally software helps SMEs to save time by automating routine accounting tasks like generating invoices, managing payroll, and preparing financial statements.
  • Reduces errors: It reduces errors by automating calculations and minimizing manual data entry.
  • Improves accuracy: It improves accuracy by providing real-time information on business finances, inventory levels, and other key metrics.
  • Increases efficiency: Tally software increases efficiency by streamlining business processes, reducing paperwork, and providing insights that help SMEs make better decisions.
  • Enhances compliance: Automating GST returns and other tax-related tasks help SMEs stay compliant with tax laws and regulations.

Know the basic features and functionalities of Tally ERP 9 before taking the course

  • Accounting: With Tally ERP 9, you can keep track of your money by managing things like how much you have, how much you owe, and how much you’ve spent.
  • Inventory Management: You can also use Tally ERP 9 to manage your inventory, which means keeping track of how much you have in stock, how much you’ve sold, and how much you need to order.
  • Payroll Management: Tally ERP 9 can also help you manage your employees’ payroll, such as calculating their salary, keeping track of their attendance, and ensuring you’re following all the laws.
  • GST Compliance: If you do business in India, Tally ERP 9 can help you stay compliant with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) by helping you file your returns, generate e-way bills, and track your input tax credit.
  • Data Security: Tally ERP 9 provides strong data security features to protect your financial data from being stolen or tampered with.
  • Customization: Tally ERP 9 is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the software to your business needs.
  • Remote Access: You can access Tally ERP 9 from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Integration: Tally ERP 9 can be integrated with other business software, such as CRM systems and e-commerce platforms, to streamline your business operations.

Career in Tally

Job Opportunities after Tally Course

  • Financial Analyst: As a financial analyst, you’ll be responsible for analyzing financial data, preparing financial reports, and providing insights to help businesses make informed decisions.
  • Accounts Executive: You can work as an accounts executive in different industries and manage day-to-day accounting tasks such as billing, invoicing, and bookkeeping.
  • Audit Assistant: As an audit assistant, you’ll be responsible for assisting auditors in auditing financial statements, preparing audit reports, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk: As an accounts payable/receivable clerk, you’ll be responsible for managing accounts payable and receivable, preparing invoices, and maintaining financial records.

Tally Course Salary 

The salary you can expect after completing a Tally course in India can vary depending on various factors such as your job role, industry, location, experience, and skills. Here are some estimated salaries for some job roles in India after completing a Tally course:

  • Accountant: Entry-level accountants can earn between 2-4 lakhs per annum, while experienced accountants can earn between 4-8 lakhs per annum. (1)
  • Data Entry Operator: Entry-level data entry operators can earn between 1.5-3 lakhs per annum, while experienced operators can earn between 3-5 lakhs per annum. (2)
  • Tally Trainer: Tally trainers can earn between 2-5 lakhs per annum, depending on their experience and teaching skills. 
  • Tax Consultant: Tax consultants can earn between 3-8 lakhs per annum, depending on their experience and expertise.

Tips for preparing for Tally Job interviews

  • Review the basics: Brush up on the basics of Tally, such as ledger creation, voucher entry, and financial reporting.
  • Practice using Tally: Practice using Tally software to gain confidence and proficiency in it. You can try creating different types of vouchers and reports to showcase your skills.
  • Research the company: Research the company you are interviewing for and learn about their business and accounting practices. This can help you tailor your answers to their specific needs.
  • Be prepared to answer common questions: Be ready to answer questions about your experience with Tally, your knowledge of accounting principles, and your ability to work with a team.
  • Dress code: Dress professionally for the interview to make a good first impression.
  • Be confident: Lastly, be confident and showcase your enthusiasm for the job. Show your willingness to learn and adapt to the company’s accounting practices.

Final Words

Now that you have got complete information related to a tally course, like fees, duration, syllabus, salary, and all, you are ready to kick-start your career in this field. In 2023, it’s all about gaining some quick skills and sharpening these further with internships and jobs.

Most businesses don’t bother whether you have done a diploma or a certification course in Tally. If you are good enough, you are good to go. So, it’s better to start early with a Tally certification course and focus more on sharpening your skills and gaining experience with work.

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