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DFA Coure in Patna

No.1 DFA Training Institute in Patna

BCIT World is a top DFA Training Institute in Patna. DFA stands for "Diploma Financial Accounting." The DFA Course teaches all of the essential computer accounting and taxation knowledge required to succeed in any business, company, or institute. After finishing the DFA course program, you're able to work in a financial and accounting position. If you are looking for the best DFA Course in Patna, your search ends here. Join BCIT WORLD for a complimentary demonstration of DFA training with live project internship training. If anyone is interested, then that student is welcome.

Why should you learn DFA Course?

This is an introductory program in computer specifically for the commerce students. And after finalizing the DFA program you're qualified to do work in the financial and accounting region. This course is related to account and you have to do all the work with the help of computer in accounting software like Tally. Your will get Office robotization and Tally software after which you can do jobs smoothly.

Who can take this DFA Course?

DFA program is the easy and simple program and candidates can get this program smoothly in low time. This can get by the:

  • * Students after 12th with commerce pupils
  • * Job expectants in accounting field
  • * Professionals in Accounting field
  • * Students require to frame career in accounting

DFA Course related job roles

Below is the completion of the DFA course, you will be able to do government jobs or private jobs in the accounting and banking field. You can do DFA course at affordable fees and get the certificate to apply for all types of computer jobs in the government or private sectors:

  • * Junior Accountant
  • * Inventory Executive
  • * Accounts Executive
  • * Accountant
  • * Tally Operator

Syllabus of DFA

The DFA training programs are designed to give you a very good practical learning experience and develop skills that will be very useful for your career.

Sl.No. Course Name Duration
1 Accounting 2 Week
. Accounting Intro 2 Days
. Journal Entry 4 Days
. Ledger Creation 2 Days
. Balance Sheet 2 Days
. Profit and Loss 2 Days
. Adjustment Entry 2 Days
2 Tally ERP 9 2 Month
. Accounting in Tally 3 Days
. Tally Intro 2 Days
. Company Information 3 Days
. Ledger Creation 2 Days
. Voucher Entry 2 Week
. Brs Entry 1 Week
. Tally Reporting 3 Days
. Tally with GST 4 Days
. Payroll 3 Days
. Tally Prime 3 Days
. GST Intro 4 Days
. GST Return Filing 4 Days
. ITR 3 Days
. Tally Excel Reporting 3 Days
. Live Project Work 3 Days
3 Adv.Excel 1 Month
. Baic Excel 4 Days
. Conditional Formatting 2 Days
. Adv.Pivot Table 2 Days
. Power Pivot 4 Days
. Dashboard 3 Days
. Protect and Break Excel Password 2 Days
. Advance Paste Special 1 Days
. Error Handling 1 Days
. Power Query 4 Days
. Macro 3 Days
. Formula 5 Days
. Logical Function 4 Days
. Lookup Function 4 Days
. Sum Function 2 Days
. Count Function 2 Days
. Text Function 3 Days
. Date and Time Function 3 Days
. VBA 9 Days
. MIS Reporting 3 Days
. Live Project 3 Days