Best CorelDraw Course in Patna

 CorelDraw Course in Patna

Top Corel Draw Course in Patna with Placement Assistance

BCIT WORLD is a top CorelDraw Training Institute in Patna. CorelDraw is a tool that requires one to be skilled very diligently. The course typically covers a wide range of topics, including graphic designing, Photoshop and Illustrator. The CorelDraw course includes both theoretical and practical sessions. We have successfully trained more than 250+ students in classroom settings and more than 100+ students in online programs. If you are looking for the best CorelDraw Course in Patna, your search ends here. Join BCIT WORLD for a complimentary demonstration of CorelDraw training with live project internship training.

Discover the Benefits of Learning CorelDraw Course!

8 major reasons why you should learn CorelDraw :

  • * Graphic Design Versatility
  • * Easy to Start Career
  • * User-Friendly Interface
  • * Vector Graphics
  • * Attractive Salary Package
  • * 24/7 Flexible Jobs
  • * Build Your Brand
  • * Start Your Business

Who can take this CorelDraw Course?

The CorelDraw Course is for everyone! Any students who are willing to make their career in Graphic Designing, you're welcome to join. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and have fun with CorelDraw! Just join now our course and start your creative journey!.

CorelDraw related job roles

The 5 best Job you can do after Learning CorelDraw Course:

  • * Graphic Designer
  • * Logo Designer
  • * Print Media Specialist
  • * Advertising Designer
  • * Packaging Designer

Our CorelDraw Course Curriculum

The CorelDraw training programs are designed to give you a very good practical learning experience and develop skills that will be very useful for your career.

Sl.No. Course Name Duration
1 CorelDraw 1 Month
. Getting started with Introduction 3 Days
. Coloring and Drawing 1 Week
. Working with Text 3 Days
. Working with Effects 1 Week
. Applying Bitmap Commands 5 Days
. Corel Draw for Web 4 Days
. Projects